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The Lecturer of Continuing Education course

Teaching is a modern profession, now in great demand in larger corporate companies, but also in banks, technically oriented companies, etc.

These companies take care of their employees in the form of various benefits, lectures, internal training and individual health, physical and nutritional care. Subsidies from EU grants can also be drawn very successfully for employee benefits, which is why they are very popular with companies today (and, of course, with employees).

A company that wants to take care of employees in this way usually hires external suppliers, which can be a company that “supplies” lecturers, but the supplier can also be an individual – a specialist in a healthy lifestyle. But being a good expert and specialist in the field is far from enough for you to be able to lecture somewhere. Especially not in companies, where it is also important for people to have fun during the training, to relax and to absorb important information in a fun way and with the game. The contracting authority often sits during the training and if he is not satisfied, it can also appear on the financial reduction of the contract or non-renewal of the contract.

Lecturer vtzv. further education (outside primary, secondary and higher education) must therefore not only have professional experience, but also be able to work with people, choose appropriate teaching methods, choose appropriate teaching aids, must be able to work with different types of people and must be able to process feedback.

Companies pay very good money for experienced and capable lecturers, but they are not interested in dry interpretation and lecturers who just like to listen. It’s completely different from teaching in education, because nowhere else can you find such focused students who are careful only to get an exam or credit.

A teacher of further education is also a good coach and a person who gives space to others and can teach. Authorized examination The lecturer of further education belongs to the system of the National Qualifications Framework.

NutriAcademy, s.r.o., is an authorized person for conducting the state exam. Lecturer of further education. The authorized exam entitles the holder to the full exercise of the profession of Lecturer, without the need for further pedagogical education.

tutorial videos

We supplement written teaching texts with a sophisticated system of videos for deepening knowledge in partial parts of teaching.


Own script, methodical sheets for individual practical parts of teaching. Original study texts by Ing. Radka Burdychová, Ph.D., MBA, company director.


During the course, we add additional videos with feedback on individual cases of the study group.

State exam

The aim of the whole course is to prepare for the state exam from the professional qualification Lecturer of further education


If necessary, we are available Every weekday from 9 am to 12 noon, at other times by appointment (it is also possible on weekends)

The course starts on 1.8. remotely (script, webinar …), continues with full-time teaching with practice and skills training for the accredited exam before the examination committee

The course will take place on 25.8., 26.8., 27.8. in Brno. Those interested in the course will be sent documents (scripts) and practical tasks in advance, which they will bring with them completed and prepared for the presentation. During full-time teaching, we will focus on the principles of public speaking, psychological work with the audience, we will practice working with larger and smaller groups, and we will also focus on body language, gestures and facial expressions. Gradually, step by step, we will practically go through the requirements for the state exam from the professional qualification Lecturer and we will practice specific skills and competencies.

The course is not about being uniform robots, it is about finding unique potential and talent in you and helping you develop it to address the target group you want to work with. We will teach you to use your strengths and imperfections – and make them a competitive advantage.

We will advise you on how to formulate orders for companies, how to successfully pass the tender and teach you how to work with feedback.

For those interested, there is a background for organizing their own webinars and courses

Dates of final exams

3. 9. 2021 Hradec Králové

Pražská třída 1, ve 14:00

27. 9. 2021 Praha

Klimentská 50, v 10:00

Beginning of the course: 1. 8. 2021, ended with an exam in the dates listed above. The exam can be repeated or rescheduled at any time for a fee. The price of the course is £399

Course syllabus

In the tab below you will find detailed information about the content of the course with a detailed breakdown of topics.

Course contents Lecturer of further education

Orientation in basic terminology of andragogy, didactics, evaluation and measurement in adult education and teaching forms and methods in adult education

Compilation of the content and structure of the educational program on the basis of set educational goals, incl. competences arising from them

Elaboration of the course content into a minute scenario incl. choice of teaching aids and teaching methods

Determining the level of entry competencies and educational needs of participants in the educational program

Presentation of educational content using an interactive approach, problem solving and analysis of practical examples using teaching aids

Preparation, management and evaluation of model situations and methods of working with the group

Assignment of individual and group work to participants in the educational program

Evaluation of the effectiveness of education and the achievement of set educational goals and required competencies

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